Gandhian philosophy is the need of the hour for survival of humanity’- Dr. A. Karim Salar

Mohmmad Fajal

Jalgaon —-Today on 2nd October, 2021, on the occasion of “Gandhi Jayanti” an online programme was organised by Iqra B.Ed. College, Jalgaon. Dr. A. Karim Salar was the president of the programme.

All students and staff of B.Ed college were attended this programme. F.Y.B.Ed. student Yogesh Patil focused on the various aspects of Gandhiji’s Biography. Afreen Kharik and Yasmeen Fatema also highlighted the educational philosophy and the principal’s of Satya and Ahinsa given by Mahatma Gandhi.

I/C Principal Prof. Irfan Shaikh pointed out that Gandhiji’s Ideology of Truth and Tolerance is the need of todays Society by giving various reference.

Dr. A. Karim Salar in his speech told that “Gandhian philosophy is the need of the hour for survival of humanity”. He also appealed the future teachers to follow the principles of Non-violence, Truth, Equality and Secularism in their lives and also spread this ideology of Mahatma Gandhi through their teaching.

Prof. V.T. Pathan conducted the whole Programme very nicely and Prof. Dr. Ishwar Songare presented vote of thanks.

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